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Welcome to

Nandan Bal Tennis 

  • We consistently produce professional tennis champions from our centres.

  • We also promote sports and a healthy lifestyle across all age groups, professions, and interest levels.

Our Services


Our in-house nutritionist customizes diet plans for optimum nutrition based on specific needs. 


Our fitness team consists of strength and conditioning coaches, who work on improving athletic performance and injury prevention.


Our coaching programs cater to all skill levels, from beginner to elite athletes of all ages.

Mental training

Our mental training programs are individually designed to improve athletic performance and for holistic wellness.


Provided as needed.

For more information call Ms Nandita Bal

on +91-9822099577



Rohan Bopanna.png

Rohan Bopanna

Looking back at my teenage years with passion intact on one hand and skill waiting to be nurtured- it was Nandan Bal's academy that in many ways was a step in the right direction to guide not only young raw player like me but also comfort mine and many clueless well intended parents who were looking for a reliable academy where they could be rest assured that a system was in place and their child was taken care of. 
The practice and guidance I received for 5 years in Pune plays a very essential role in my story and the added bonus became the community I became part of post that. 
A coach and athlete relationship isn't limited to only being on court but so much of what is built off the court too. To this day Nandan cheers me in that manner which I Value and am extremely humbled by.
Thank you Mr Nandan Bal


Rohit Rajpal

I have known Nandan since I was 16 and he has coached me and travelled with me through my formative years. I can honestly say that he has an  extensive knowledge of the game, a true investment and enthusiasm in the development and progress of his students, and a deep commitment to spreading the game to every corner of India. He is one of the finest coaches India has ever produced and I wish him all the best. 

Rian pic.jpg

Rian Pandole

I cannot thank Nandan Sir enough for the impact he has had on my life both on and off the tennis court. I started training under Nandan Sir at 14 years of age when I was struggling to win rounds consistently at AITA tournaments in my age group. Within a couple years of working together, I reached the finals of the U 16 National Championships and was ranked one of the top juniors in the country. I will always be extremely grateful to have had  truly amazing coach and mentor in Nandan Sir as I was growing both as a person and a tennis player.


Nitten Kirrtane

I've known Nandan Bal since the last five decades as a thorough tennis professional with a deep passion and dedication for the game. His role as a player and a coach is remarkable. A national champion and a recent recipient of the prestigous Dhyanchand Award, Nandan has always been using his experience and knowledge to guide the future players of tennis. 

As a former student of his, he guided me and gave lot of tips to sharpen my game. 

I congratulate Nandan on his new website and wish him all the best. I am sure the webiste will be a boon to the lovers and students of tennis, with his sound tips and analysis.

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